7 Essentials For Traveling During The Holidays

by conwaycourtney

It has been awhile since I posted last, I do apologize! The last few weeks of school really hit me hard! But anyways, here is my latest post inspired by the company RelayRides! RelayRides is a super cool company in the Bay Area that basically lets you rent your car to others, which is perfect for the holiday season! You can either get some extra cash, or you can rent a car for cheap! They also have an airport service that is super useful for the holiday season, which you can check out here! Since the holiday season is in full swing, that means there will be lots of traveling going on! Personally, I love traveling because it means I get to pull out all of my favorite traveling essentials. I’ve decided to share them on my blog for everyone to enjoy and maybe you’ll find some tips to use when traveling this holiday!

holiday travel


1. Warm Scarf: This one is from Madewell and I love the print. If you’re traveling in a plane, a warm scarf is definitely a must.

2. Eye Mask: I thought this one from Asos was so adorable. When trying to sleep on a plane, some eye masks really help!

3. Comfy Shoes: I dying to get these shoes, so they are kinda on my wishlist too. They are also from Madewell, and I just think they are cute and festive.

4. Lipbalm: My lips always tend to get chapped when on a plane so this is a must!

5. Nourishing Face Lotion: I love Clinique when it comes to skincare. This face lotion is thick and creamy and works so well for dry skin.

6. Face Mist: For some reason, I just think spritzing my face really wakes me up. So some facial spray really helps when you’re traveling. Or just put some toner into a spray bottle instead!

7. Hand Creme: This one from Burts Bees smells SO good. Also its small enough to just toss in your bag!

I hope you enjoyed my 7 Essentials When Traveling for the holidays. Let me know your must haves in the comments below!