Top 5 Beauty Blogs You Should Be Following

by conwaycourtney

1. Vivianna Does Makeup: I love Anna’s blog. The way she writes is so inspiring. Whenever I’m feeling a little writers block, I head over to her blog and instantly feel inspired. She also has some great beauty tips and I’m obsessed with he YouTube channel and her vlogs are the best. They seriously make me want to move to London.


2. Byrdie: This website has everything that a beauty lover is looking for. From makeup tutorials and tips straight from the celebrities. It has it all in one place. I love going on to Byrdie just for some inspiration and for some of the best skincare tips.
3. Beauty Bets: I love the layout of this site and the How-To’s are pretty great. I also get a lot of inspiration from her photography! Elizabeth is also one of the cutest bloggers I’ve ever seen!
4. Into The Gloss: I love this site. Emily Weiss is a genius. They also have the best posts about the Top Shelfs of celebs, photographers and many more. Emily also just launched a skincare line that I’m dying to try.


5. La La Mer : This is more of an lifestyle blog but I love this site for some extra makeup inspiration. Marianna has the best tips and her photography is spot on! She also had killer hair too which is a major plus when you’re looking for some hair inspiration.