How To: Fill in Coarse Eyebrows

by conwaycourtney

Hello! So I haven’t done a How To in awhile. Lame. But I’m back with a new one all about eyebrows! I was searching the web the other day, looking for an eyebrow tutorial for girls with thicker eyebrow hair, and I couldn’t find one anywhere! Personally, I love filling in my brows because they can be a little sparse and they need some added shape to them. My brow hairs are really thick and dark so it can be a challenge to fill them in while trying to make it look natural. So I’ve been playing around with some products and decided to share my eyebrow routine with the internet. I hope you coarse eyebrow ladies learn something from this!

Step One: Comb out your brows so they are nice and smooth.

Step Two: Okay, so since my hair is ombre and my eyebrows are much much darker than my hair, I like to slightly lighten them with the products I use. I’m using a medium brown eyebrow pencil to outline the shape I will want for my brows. I’m not doing any major filling in with this step.

Step Three: Comb out the product so it doesn’t look harsh and is well distributed.

Step Four: Go in with a darker brow powder (one that matches your brows better) now and fill in your brows using small, short strokes. I like to mix brow powders too, this will help make the hairs you’re drawing on look real.

Step Five: I sometimes skip this step, but for the sake of this tutorial I decided to do it. Go in with either a clear or a tinted brow gel. This one is the same color as the brow pencil I used in the beginning. This will help lighten up the whole brow and help it match my hair and not look as harsh.

Step Six: Again you can skip this step. I just used a bit of concealer to clean up the edges.

Ta-Da! Done. Now, my eyebrows are definitely more like sisters and just grow in that way. It’s much easier to just follow your natural eyebrow shape than to try and create a new shape, especially if you’re not a makeup artist.

Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and let me know what you think in the comments below! Do you have coarse eyebrows like myself? If you do and have any tips, feel free to share them below!