How To: Style Your Boyfriend’s Flannel

by conwaycourtney

Hey everyone! So I’m back with another How To post, but this time it’s fashion related, instead of beauty related. A few days ago my boyfriend and I decided to go to SF. We had no plan for what to do, so we ended up going to the Embarcadero farmers market and walk around for a bit. Then we found this cute little alley way with some cobblestone and decided to take some photos. After that, we grabbed some tacos at Tacolicious, which were awesome

Anyway, back to the main purpose of this post, how to style your boyfriends flannel. Flannels are fairly easier to style on girls when they are oversized because, personally, a bigger flannel just looks better. It makes your look more laid back and effortless. To make the flannel look a bit more feminine, I paired it with a long necklace with contrasting colors. Also, pairing it with fitted leggings makes the outfit look more put together and fitted (and less sloppy). I also threw on a hat and some cat eye sunglasses adds a nice feminine touch as well. Lastly, rolling the sleeves is a must when trying to make the shirt look like it fits you better, it also adds to the effortless look I was going for.

I hope you enjoyed this little post and if you have any tips for wearing your boyfriends clothes, let me know in the comments!