How To: Care For Ombre Hair

by conwaycourtney


So I have had ombre hair for quite some time now. It was ombre when it was long and it is still going strong with my short do. When bleaching your hair you want to make sure to be taking extra good care of your hair and I have acquired some tips over the years of having bleached ends and I wanted to share them with all of you. If you don’t have ombre hair, you can totally use these tricks and they should do wonders for your locks.

Protect Your Locks // You always want to use a heat protectant whether your hair is bleached or not. However, your hair is much more dry and damaged when it is bleached and you don’t want to further that damage, so I would recommend using a heat protectant or even not using heat for the first few weeks of having bleached hair (rough, I know). I like to use the Fekkai Coiff Defense Spray. It smells super good and I got it for a good deal at Ulta.

Do Use Purple Shampoo // If you have bleached hair, do use that purple shampoo! It totally makes a difference! When your hair is ombre, the blonde can get brassy a lot easier than if it was just all blonde. I use it 1-2 times week (since I only shampoo about 2-3 a week). The one I have always used is Ion Color Solutions in Purple. You can get it at a Sally Beauty Supply and it’s pretty cheap. I know I got it for under $10.

Use a Mask Weekly // Personally, I love using hair masks. They just make my hair feel so much smoother and softer. I love the Organix Brand when it comes to my hair masks. The one I’m using now is their Moisture Surge Sea Mineral Mask, and so far I love it. Also don’t be afraid to use some natural things on your hair as well. I love using a Coconut Oil hair mask about once a week. I completely saturate my dry hair in the coconut oil for about 2 hours (or I’ll just sleep in it), and then wash it out making sure to shampoo twice to get all of the oil out. Not only does this make my hair feel super smooth, but it is also suppose to help you hair grow! Just make sure to use Virgin Coconut Oil.

Well, I hope these helped! It you use any other tips to care for your ombre, let me know in the comments below!