Forbidden Forest

by conwaycourtney

 I almost didn’t even want to write anything with these photos just because I really liked the way they turned out and didn’t want to add anything to the post. The first one is by far my favorite. We went to Muir Woods the other day and just kind of explored and took some photos because it is such a cool place to take photos, the lighting is amazing. If you need somewhere to take cool photos and want it to look like you are in a magical forest, just visit your closest national park and you will get some solid looking photos.

I hope these you guys enjoyed these photos as much as I do. Also, just if you’re curious as to what I’m wearing here are the details. The sweaters is Nordstrom, jeans are Vigoss, boots are B.P, jacket is Forever21.


Photos taken by Matthew Terrill, you can follow him on Instagram @rambo_killa