How To: Grow Out Your Hair

by conwaycourtney

So ever since I cut my hair off (8 inches, so yeah big deal) I’ve been wanting to grow it back. Surprise, surprise. I love my short hair, but there are just some days that I want long luscious hair. When I cut it back in February it was above my shoulders and I could feel it graze the back of my neck. Now it’s growing like a weed and I want to share what I’ve been doing! Also, I did dye my hair lighter. I’m dying to go blonde one of these days. Also, just wanted to mention I’m obviously not an expert but this us just what I have been doing recently and my hair has seemed to have benefited from it. 
1. Take Biotin: This stuff totally works. My hair and nails see the difference. 
2. Brush out your mane: I literally brush my hair like 3 times a day now for 5 minutes at a time. I really concentrate on my scalp. Doing this helps the blood flow to your scalp, resulting in faster growing hair. 
3. Wash your hair less: Let those natural oils build up. They are super moisturizing for your scalp. Keep dry shampoo on hand so you can really milk out your washes. Also, I’ve found that brushing my hair more has help distribute the oil better so my roots are less greasy! 
4. Less Heat: This one is probably obvious, but I felt the need to mention it because why not! If you feel the need to heat style your hair, use a heat protectant or find cute updo’s you can opt for instead that are less damaging. 
5. Moisturize your hair: I like to do weekly hair masks to really moisturize my hair and scalp. I really like all of the ones from the Organix line, you can find them at Target! 
Hope you all enjoyed and if you have any tips let me know in the comments below! I’ll most likely try them!
Also, I know my hair isn’t long here at all, but its progress!