Exploring The Coast

by conwaycourtney

Hey! Sorry for all the pictures in this post. There were just so many good ones that I kind of had to put on. It was kind of hard to narrow it down. We ended up going to some pretty cool spots this time we headed to the city (San Francisco is you’re new to the blog). Also, here is an actual picture of me and my boyfriend. We’ve been dating for almost 2 years and this is probably like out 4th picture together. Yeah, I know we are pretty lame when it comes to taking photos. I guess we aren’t really the selfie couple type. Also, go me for posting a picture of me smiling on the blog. I’m secretly not the biggest fan of my smile so it’s rare when I get a good picture of my smile. 
Well, I guess I’m going to leave you guys with just a quick run down of my outfit because I’m not too sure what else to talk about. So the shirt is from TopShop and same with the hat. The jeans are Vigoss and I actually put the holes in them myself, which I’m stoked about because I really like how they turned out. The shoes I’m obsessed with and I got them from Nordstrom in the B.P section, and I’m also stoked about these because I got them half off for a grand $49. I’m pretty sure they are still on sale if you like them! The jacket is from H&M and I talked about it here. Lastly, the bag is so old that I don’t even remember where it is from. My bad.
Hope you all enjoyed this little post!