Glowing Skin Banana Smoothie

by conwaycourtney

Hey Everyone! So I decided to do something a bit different for todays post. I seriously love food and I wanted to incorporate food more into my blog. So today I wanted to share with you guys this banana smoothie recipe that is seriously so good. Where I got it from claimed that its has benefits to help your skin glow and I am always looking for new smoothie recipes so I was so excited to find that this one tasted so good.
1-2 Frozen Bananas: I can never finish a full smoothie so I only used 1 banana, but if you can chug thick liquids before they get warm (you go girl) then go ahead and use 2. 
1 Tbl Spoon of Almond Butter: I recently just made my own almond butter (such a process!) so I was sure to use some of that in this recipe. If you don’t have almost butter you can also use some peanut butter!
About 1/2 Cup of Vanilla Almond Milk: I say about because I didn’t measure how much I was putting in. Just fill it up to about the halfway mark. 
A few pinches of Chia Seeds: Again, no measuring was done. Just do, really, as much as you want.
Honey: I love adding honey to my smoothies. You can also add agave if you don’t have honey on hand. Anything to add a little sweetness will do. 
A Splash of Almond Extract: This makes it taste amazing! You can also add vanilla if you don’t have almond extract with you. 
Next, just blend until its smooth! And then you have a delicious smoothie!
Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if I should do more food posts in the comments below!