Life Spent Lately

by conwaycourtney

I always see other bloggers doing Instagram posts like these, and I guess I kind of am jumping of the bandwagon..maybe. I haven’t decided if posts like these are going to stick around or not. But anyways, here is just some snippets of what I have been up to lately and what I have posted on Instagram recently. I’m not really the type of person to post on Instagram too much, but it is a weekly thing for me. The thing I love about Instagram is that you can actually get some pretty quality photos with your iPhone, especially if you use a filter. I use VSCOcam when editing all of my photos. I just love all the filters more than the ones Instagram provides.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this little filler post and if you want to see more of my posts you can follow me on Instagram at @courtney_conway3!

Have a lovely week!