How To: Contour

by conwaycourtney

Hey everyone! So I’m back with another How To post! This one is all about contouring, especially if you have a lighter skin tone like myself! Sometimes it can be hard to find the right products for paler skin tones because you don’t want to end up looking orange or too overdone. Since I also have more of a round face, it can be extra hard sometimes so here is how I like to tackle the contour!    

Step 1: Go in with a taupe shade with a small fluffy brush and draw a line in the hollow part of your face. This is usually right above the ear. Draw the line until it end at the tail of your brow, like I am showing you below! Using taupe looks more natural when you have a lighter complexion, also using a fluffy brush, like this one, gives you much better precision.

Step 2: Next go in with a warm bronzer and blend away. This is when I like to take it up my temple to make my face look a bit slimmer. Also make sure to blend the warm shade into the taupe shade we started with.

Step 3: Going back with the taupe shade and the fluffy brush, I am contouring around my nose just to slim it down a bit. I just draw a line going from the top part of my brow all the way down to the tip of my nose and blend very very well!

Step 4: Next I am just adding some blush onto the apple of my cheeks. A good tip for applying blush when you have a rounder face is to apply it behind your pupil and then blend it back towards your ear.

Step 5: Next I am going in with a stippling brush and blending out my edges so they look as natural as possible.

 Finished! Your cheekbones should look somewhat prominent!

Hope you guys enjoyed this How To and if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see in other How To’s then let me know in the comments below!