by conwaycourtney

I’ve noticed the more I have started to blog, the more outfits I am discovering in my closet. I’m the kind of person who will wear a uniform basically for like a month, mostly because a lot of the time I’m trying to get ready as fast as possible and just grab my favorite pieces, throw them together and then go. Now I plan each outfit and try to not wear the same thing when taking pictures to post. I mean, I do only have so many pants and shoes so I try my best! However, it sometimes does bothers me when big fashion bloggers like never repeat outfits. Like are you not human? Do you really have than many clothes?? It almost doesn’t make them as relatable as they should be. Personally, I think you should be able to scroll through a blog and notice a item of clothing a few times, but worn in different ways; it makes the blog more real. I mean, I’m no expert but come on! I’m not saying to repeat a certain item in every single post, but I mean let them make an appearance every once and awhile!

Anyways, let me just run through my outfit really quick! My shirt is from Nordstrom, and I bought it such a long time ago and haven’t worn it in awhile. But thanks to blogging, it was pulled out of the deep places of my closet (just kidding my closet isn’t that big). Jeans are from Forever21 and if you couldn’t already tell they are one of my go-to’s. My bralette is from Target (is that TMI?). And the shoes are B.P. and the bag is Kate Spade.

Hope you guys enjoyed this! And let me know what you think in comments, do you think bloggers should repeat items of clothing?