Makeup Storage: Before and After

by conwaycourtney

Before (Don’t judge me)

Ta-Daaaa After:

So I’m sure you guys are all super nosey like myself and love a good makeup storage post. My makeup area was getting a little out of control so I thought I should take control and re-organize! I really don’t have too many tips when it comes to storing your makeup if I’m really being honest, however I will say I find it easier to keep it all in one place. I never understand when people keep half of their makeup in one spot and the rest where they get ready. What’s the point (and fun) in that? I tend to slightly switch up my makeup everyday so I like to have it all in one place. So here is just a quick little run-down of what I did.
1. I put all of the pencil products into a cool glass. Mason jars and regular glasses are a great tool when organizing a space like this.
2. I kept all of my foundations/concealers/powders on the top since I use them all everyday and they have pretty packaging as well.
3. I put all of my lip products into my NARS pouch. I’m trying to find a better/prettier way to store them, but for now this will do.
4. I next used an old jewelry box to put my eyeshadow/pots in. Old boxes like these are really convenient for separating draws like this one.
5. Lastly I just kind of organized all of my blushes/bronzers and tube like products into their own places.

Now lets see how long this lasts for!
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