How To: Vampy Lip

by conwaycourtney

Hello! So I know a vampy lip isn’t very summer-esc but hey I love a good dark lip so I thought I would do a How To on it. I’m using MAC Rebel because it is one of my favorite lipsticks. It has seriously great color pay-off and it last for ages which is amazing for a satin lipstick. So lets get on to the tutorial!

1. I always like to moisturize my lips before I put any product on my lips. I like to rub it in with my finger after as well so there isn’t a whole lot of product on my lips before putting even more product on.

2. This step is really optional, but when doing a dark lip I like to outline my lips first so I know where I’m putting the products. For me, I’m more likely to not mess up when I line my lips first.

3. Next, I put some of the lipstick on a lip brush and do a thin layer first. Building up the product gradually helps it last a lot longer. (This goes for nail polish too!)

4. Then I take the lipstick and go for it.

5. Blot away any left over product.

 6. Fix anything that I messed up.

And ta-da, you got yourself an easy vampy lip!

I hope everyone enjoyed this little How-To tutorial and let me know what you think in the comments below!
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