Postal Service

by conwaycourtney

Hey! So I’m really excited on how these photos turned out. We (as in my boyfriend and I) went into this old post office that’s in our downtown and its super cool inside and the lighting was perfect and they just look super awesome.

Moving on. Lets do a quick outfit run down! So the crop top is surprisingly from Abercrombie, but I like how simple it is (and it was only like $10, score). The shorts are from Forever21 and I love them because I love the croquet/lace look of them and they look good with a lot of different shirts, and even sweaters, in my wardrobe. The sweater is from Gap which was also in this post as well if you’d like to check it out. I love how flow-y this sweater is and the neutral color goes with everything so its perfect to throw on when running out the door. I feel like I have a lot of pieces like that in my wardrobe which, if your looking to build your wardrobe, is a great place to start. Basic pieces that go with everything and are such a must, especially because when you pair them all together you get a really put together but simple look.

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think in the comments and also make sure to follow!