Shades of Cool

by conwaycourtney

Hey! Yes, the title of this is the name of the new Lana del Rey song, just to show how excited I am about it. Anyways heres a quick outfit post so I hope you all enjoy!

I recently got this shirt from Forever21 (surprised?) and it’s kind of out of my limit mostly because I rarely wear colors. Most of my wardrobe is neutral consisting of black, white, cream and grey and the occasional blue. Starting to blog more has definitely opened my mind to creating more outfits with the clothes I already have, instead of wearing the same things over and over again (which yes I do sometimes). Moving on. The pants I love, they are from Nordstrom and they are the most comfortable pants ever. For some reason I feel really glamorous in them, I feel like the main girl from the Bling Ring. Not saying she’s glamorous, but I mean, she kind of is. The hat is also Nordstrom which I also love just because its such a basic black hat and goes with everything. So that my outfit! Hope you guys enjoyed
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