How To: Braided Up-Do

by conwaycourtney

Having short hair, it can sometimes be hard to do different hair styles. I either wear it straight or wavy and thats about it. However, when I had long hair I would wear my hair like this all the time and I didn’t think I could do it with short hair. But, I was wrong! I can! If you do have short hair, I would suggest doing this when your hair is dirty. My hair was clean when doing this tutorial, so that was super hard..Hope you all enjoy this tutorial! 
1. Spritz your hair with some dry shampoo. This adds some texture and will make your look stay alllll day. 

2. Rub that in so theres no white residue

3. I like to comb the back part of my hair back a bit before braiding. I find it just looks better with the end result.

4. Start braiding! I do an inside out braid ( I guess that’s what its called) so the braid is sticking up on my hair rather than going in…if that makes any sense.
Tip: when braiding your hair, make sure to braid back not out. So make sure the braid stays as close to your head as possible. This will make the next step easier.

5. Do it to the other side now!

6. Pin each side back. Beware this will take a lot of pins.

7. Next, gently pull the braid apart a bit to make the look more messy.

8. Hairspray!

9. Done! Mines a bit more messy in the back since my hair was clean while doing this.

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick tutorial! I really like doing these How To things, so let me know if you like them too!