It’s About Time

by conwaycourtney

Finals are now done with and I couldn’t be any happier. I don’t think I have been this excited to finish a semester, but I’m finally done. Hallelujah. This was probably one of the longest semester of my life, even though I was taking around the same amount of units that I usually do. This semester just dragged on with projects that seemed never ending and homework that seemed to always be due. But now I’m finished and I have next semester to look forward to.

Now lets talk about the outfit, shall we? The sweater than I’m wearing is one of my favorites that I also found in that Forever21 sale that I talked about here. I just love the color and its really simple and goes with almost everything I pair it with. Major plus. The scarf is from Macy’s and I was really shocked that I found a cute plaid scarf there since I never find anything at Macy’s these days (sorry guys). My jeans are also from Forever21 and are one of my favorite pairs. My shoes are Sam Edelman and I love them so much. They are a great classic boot, which also go with just about everything. My watch is KateSpade, as usual and glasses are Madewell, also as usual.

I’m really excited now to be able to focus even more on my blog since I’m done with school and can’t wait to see what the summer will bring.

Let me know what you thought of the outfit in the comments below!