Wanna Be Pendleton Jacket

by conwaycourtney

A few months ago I was in Forever21 and they had all of their winter clothes half off, so that was awesome and I had to buy something. I was so stoked when I found this jacket just because I think the print is awesome and it reminds me of a Pendleton jacket but a fraction of the price. I also think its the perfect length just because it covers my butt without being too long and it hits at just the right place on my thigh. Another great thing about it is it spices up every outfit, like this one. This one is really plain and simple, but I think the coat just adds a really nice ‘put together’ touch.

I think it’s kind of crucial to have pieces like this in your wardrobe that you can just throw on and it instantly makes you look put together and that you put extra thought into what you were wearing.

So, my outfit breakdown is as follows! The jacket is obviously Forever21, same with the pants and the top. The shoes are from DB shoes and my glasses are Madewell. The watch is also Kate Spade.

I hope everyone enjoyed the look and let me know what you think in the comments below!
Photos are by Matthew Terrill