Leather, Brick and Some Glasses

by conwaycourtney

For some reason, I have had the sudden urge to blog more than I have in the past. I know in previous posts that I have said I want to make my blog the best it can be, but I would never follow through. However, now it’s like a switch has turned on and I really want to blog and I want people to follow my content. So this is me trying harder I guess.

I’m wearing a Topshop hat that I fell in love with in L.A and just kind of had to have. Madewell glasses, which I mentioned in my Spring time must have post. A mens Forever21 scarf, a Gap sweater, Topshop shirt, Forever21 ‘leather’ leggings and my B.P boots. I really like the way these photos turned out, again thank you Matthew. I think the colors mesh really well together with the background, so major plus. I hope you all enjoyed this look!

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