Stripes in Suburbia

by conwaycourtney

Finally. A real outfit post. I’d like to thank my boyfriend who has decided to start taking pictures for my blog, so hey thanks since you might be reading this. We decided to take these ones downtown since our downtown has some pretty awesome neighborhoods that look pretty darn cool as a backdrop.

The dress is from Abercrombie which makes me cringe, but it was only $12 and I’ve been wanting a dress like this for awhile so I kind of had to get it, I even ripped off the tag so nobody could tell where it was from (sorry not sorry?). The chambray shirt is from Forever21, the boots are B.P from Nordstrom and the watch is Kate Spade.

I hope everyone enjoyed this outfit post and feel free to let me know what you think in the comment section.


Photography by Matthew Terrill taken with Canon 5D