Life Lately According to Instagram

by conwaycourtney

School is so close to being over, I have about three more weeks of pushing though and then I’m finished with the semester. The semester has been definitely more difficult than most, I think because I took all of my classes on Monday’s and Wednesday, which wasn’t the best of ideas. I’ve been trying to think of more things to post, but since I have been so busy with school work, I haven’t had time to go anywhere cool so my blog posts have been lacking in originality and creativity.

However, I recently re-watched some of JacksGaps videos on Youtube ( if you haven’t checked them out, you should) and they have really inspired me to start doing more things, and going more places and take more pictures. I have yet to do this, but I am starting to think of some ideas for the summer and the future as well. Anyway, here are just some pictures I have taken the past view days with my IPhone of what I have been up to lately, which really isn’t anything exciting.

I hope you guys enjoy, and feel free to comment below and follow as well