Must Haves for This Spring

by conwaycourtney

1. I’ve been wanting to wear more accessories, because for some reason I just don’t so I think that this would be a great start to the collection. Its from Madewell and its simple so you could wear it with basically anything.
2. I have a pair of glasses to wear for reading, but these ones from Madewell are way more better than the ones that I have. Even though they are fake, I still think they are super cute and I will most definitely end up getting them.
3.I have been really into lipstick pencils. I’m not sure why, I think the texture is different than regular lipstick and doesn’t feel as thick so these are always a must.
4. I’ve been wanting to buy this Clinique liquid bronzer for a really long time, I’m not too sure why I haven’t bought it yet but it’s still on my shopping list for this Spring.
5. I don’t own a lot of shorts, so I feel like I need some more in my life. These Madewell ones are super cute with their print and color so they are kind of a must have for Spring.
6. I’ve been wanting these Sam Edelman Petty boots for the longest time, but again, I just haven’t bought them. So again, they are still on my list.
7. I’ve been needing a new pair of sunglasses for Spring and I think that these from Madewell are perfect. I also love how they are white, so I think they are great for Spring.
8. Again, I’ve been wanting to wear more accessories and I think that this cuff from Madewell is a must.

Hope you all enjoy! Feel free to comment and follow 🙂