New York State of Mind- 50th Post!

by conwaycourtney

Hello! Well I’ve been neglecting my blog yet again but I do have a good reason, I was in New York and it was amazing. I went to go look at schools to go to once I can transfer colleges. I’m so excited I can’t even contain myself. I didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted to, so these are all I have at the moment but I’ll be stealing some from my boyfriend so I’ll post more soon .

I had such an amazing time, and being there in the fall is magical and I can’t wait until I can call it my home. If you are planning on going I definitely suggest you go to Bianca, a cute Italian place in Manhattan. Levain Bakery, and amazing bakery that sells the best cookies. The Shake Shack, they have the best fries. Magnolia Bakery, they have really good cakes and cupcakes. Last but not least Sarabeths. We went there for breakfast the first day and it was on the pricey side but it was the best breakfast I’ve ever had, and the best coffee as well.

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