Lipstick Queens

by conwaycourtney

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Deep Plums and Purple: These colors look great on people with green eyes, they really make them pop. I’ve also found that plums and purple look good on pretty much everyone, as long as you find the right shade for your skin tone. I think plums look better on darker skin tones and purple on lighter skin tones.
Reds and Orange: I think everyone needs a good red in their makeup bag. It’s like the equivalent to a LBD in your closet. If your adventurous try out an orange as well, it looks daring and really great for the fall months.
Nude: Nude is another great color to invest in, especially because you can wear it everyday and it can easily become your staple color. Look to a color that’s about one or two shade darker than your skin tone to it doesn’t wash you out.

I used to never wear lipstick. I never thought I needed to or that it just never looked that good on me. Then I discovered how amazing it was and I’m totally hooked. It’s almost the only thing I now buy when I go to Sephora or Ulta. I have to leave with at least one new lipstick, whether it be high-end or low-end. Here are some of my picks for fall that I must get my hands on!

What are your makeup musts?
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