Fashion Week: Beauty

by conwaycourtney

So because Fashion month is almost over, I decided to share some of my favorite beauty trends of this season. I’ve noticed that most of the foundation finishes are a matte finish, which I’m totally into. I think the blue eyeliner at the Marc Jacobs show looked amazing, especially with the hair. I think colored eyeliner is going to be coming back into trend (maybe even sparkly eyeliner? I hope..) I think my favorite is the matte skin with the simple eyes and dark lips, so fall like its ridiculous. Another fav of mine is orange lipstick (I’ve been rocking it the past few weeks and I’m really loving it) I think orange may even be the new red, I mean it looks good on pretty much everyone so whats better than that? Oh yes and I can’t forget bold eyebrows, always a great thing to have for the fall time (or all the time!)
Hope you all enjoyed this post!
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