Beach Day Must Haves

by conwaycourtney

1. A Big Floppy Hat: Such an essential when going to the beach! It covers your face from getting burned and covers your beach hair if its windy out, such a plus!
2. Bathing Suit: Any bathing suit that you feel great in is a must. Don’t worry about following trends when it comes to bathing suits, as long as it looks great on you and you feel great in it, get it. Wear it. Love it.
3. A Big Tote: A big tote is definitely a must! You need something to fit everything in, such as your towel, your sunnies, your sunblock, phone, snacks. So many things you need! Make sure to get one with a zipper! You don’t want sand getting in!
4. Sunnies: A great pair that look great on you is definitely a must.
5. CC Cream: I love BB cream for the days you don’t need a lot of makeup, so this new CC cream from Clinique is a must for the beach, its lightweight and has SPF! Another plus!