How to Build (or re-build) a Wardrobe: Part 1

by conwaycourtney


Happy summer everyone and congrats to all of the graduates out there! So recently I cleaned out my closet in preparation to rebuild my wardrobe, and so I decided to make a step by step guide on building your wardrobe (or re-building). So let us begin!

Step One: Get rid of all of the clothes you haven’t worn in at least the past 4-6 months. Create piles when your going through your clothes of keep, toss, and maybe and try on as much as you can, unless you already know it looks great on you because you wear it all the time. Ask yourself if you’d buy this again, if the answer is yes obviously keep it! Note: The only reason you should keep it if you haven’t worn it for 4-6 months is if its a great warm coat for the cold winter months. 

Tip: When trying on your clothes use a plain tee to try on all your bottoms to see how they look, and when trying on your tops try them on with a pair of simple jeans to see how they look. It makes the process easier!

Step Two: Once going through everything, go through your maybe pile again, if there is one. Really decide if you MUST keep the piece and try to think when you’ll wear it again if you do keep it and what you would wear it with. If you can’t think of anything, let it go!

Step Three: Define your style. Go through your wardrobe, yet again, and decide what most of your pieces are like, are they more boho or are they mostly glam? This will make it easier to decide what else to add to your closet.  

Tip: Look for inspiration on blogs, Pinterest or even your favorite store online. Browse online to decide where the best place will be to do most of your shopping!

Step Four: Go through all of your pieces and see what is missing. Maybe a staple jacket, a comfy sweater or some colorful pants. Then make yourself a shopping or inspiration list and decide what you’d like to add to your closet.

I hope you guys enjoyed these tips, look for Part II of How to Re-Build Your Wardrobe next week! Please make sure to follow and comment below!