Well, I Know How to Take Pictures..

by conwaycourtney

Hello! SO last night I was in bed looking at the blogs I usually browse before going to bed thinking, wow their photos look so nice, why don’t mine look like that?I have a nice camera too… This made me SUPER confused, I mean I spent a good chunk of change on my camera…it should be taking good pictures, right?! So I Googled how to take pictures with a tripod (because that is what I have been using recently) and now it all makes sense! I had been using the wrong focus this whole time! Making the background of my pictures clear…and me blurry. Totally annoying, but I’m SO glad I realized it and fixed it and now can be taking great pictures as well.

Blogging has seriously been such a learning process since I pretty much have no idea what i’m doing when it comes to these things like taking pictures, creating a template, editing pictures or even getting people to follow my blog. But especially taking photos, I have never owned a nice camera before in my life, or have I ever taken a photography class so I’ve been pretty clueless this whole time. I’ve pretty much have learned to do all of these things through other blogs and Google. So if you have ever posted any tips on blogging, all of us who are clueless about the whole thing thank you…like no really THANK YOU

Hopefully I will now be on my way to making this blog the best it can be, one amazing photo at a time! So for all of you that read my blog, and comment, and follow thank you so very much for putting up with my terrible photos! Such troopers!

If you guys have any more tips or anything comment below!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and feel free to comment or follow!