7 Simple Steps to Your Perfect Prom

by conwaycourtney

Prom is an exciting time in high school where your whole senior class is together one last time before you graduate and it can be a little stressful! Especially if you’re a girl! Since my prom was just about a year ago (ohmygosh!) I decided I’m going to share some tips and tricks that I learned to get ready and have a successful prom night!

Tip #1: If you have a date, go with them to get their tuxes! You will be a lot better at matching the color of your dress to his tie then he will be! If you don’t have a date, power to ya! It will be just as (or more) fun.

Tip #2: Go get your dress fitted to you! If it already fits perfectly, great! If not, get it fixed. You will not want to be pulling up your dress all night. Make sure to wear your heels when getting it altered to make sure its not to short, or too long, when you put them on. It is definitely worth the money.
Tip: If buying from Nordstrom, they will alter your dress for you for MUCH cheaper. 

Tip #3: Find a HD photo ready foundation for prom. Even if you don’t wear foundation usually, do for prom. Your skin will look a lot more even in your pictures and you won’t regret it! Make sure to wear a primer as well, you don’t want your face melting off during the night! Bring a powder to touch up as well!

Tip #4: If you are planning on getting a spray tan or facial, do it at least 2 days before the event. This way your tan will look for natural and you wont look orange. If you do end up looking orange, give yourself a light exfoliation to remove some of the tan. Many tanning places have deals for proms, so jump on that!

Tip #5: Break in your shoes by practicing walking in them if they are higher than you’re comfortable with. Bring a change of shoes too for dancing if they are too uncomfortable. Make sure the shoes are slightly similar so it doesnt throw off your look

Tip #6: If your doing your hair or makeup on your own, do a few practice round to see what you like best with your hair and you aren’t going in blind the day of prom! YouTube a few tutorials as well if you aren’t too sure of what you want.
http://thebeautydepartment.com/ is a great place to look for ideas!

Tip #7: Stay calm! Don’t freak out if something doesn’t go the way you wanted. Just enjoy the night and forget about the little things!