Spring Trends for 2013

by conwaycourtney

I know I’m a little late on covering the Spring 2013 trends, but hey better late than never! So lets get started! 
Pictures from Elle and Teenvogue 
Florals: I have always loved the floral trend so I am glad that its back (did it really ever go away though?) I DO really like how this season floral prints are being mixed, it gives a nice twist on a normal floral print. So I vote YES on this trend. 

Lace: Okay. Everybody loves lace (if you don’t, then #sorrynotsorry)  and lets all be honest, everybody needs at least one (or many more) lace pieces in their wardrobe. I am very excited to see this trend around!

Stripes: YES! YES! YES! I am obsessed with stripes. So I am totally okay with this trend thats for darn sure!

Plaid Scarf: LOVE ( and the beanie+ booties+boyfriend jeans….UM yes.)

Pretty Pastels: Pastels will never go out of style in my eyes. They look great on virtually every skin tone and are always adorable. So, once again I’m totally down for this trend.