Interview with Laura Bray of Lovage Magazine!

by conwaycourtney

If you guys haven’t heard of Lovage Magazine you should definitely go check it out. Lovage is an online magazine who is ahead of the curb. The magazine show cases up and coming designers, current season trends and pretty much everything fashion. Lovage is made up of an amazing, hard working team (Editor-in-Chief: Laura Bray Creative Director: Jessi WhiteMenswear Editor: Nusardel OshanaDigital Editor: Emma Gat) and I got the honor of interviewing the Editor and Chief, Laura Bray.

What made you want to start Lovage?
I started Lovage because I wanted to work on something I was truly passionate about. I’d always felt fashion was a bit vicious when it came to getting your foot in the door, particularly for new designers. I wanted to create something where new artists could come and have a stage to showcase their work on, myself and the rest of the team included.
Who is your ideal reader?
We love all our readers, but the reader we have in mind when we’re creating content is clever, they’re witty and they enjoy pieces that are beautifully and carefully put together.
What Spring trends are you looking forward to see?
I’m really loving this step back from all things floaty and a step into something a bit more structured. While I love a good midi skirt as much as the next girl, I’ve developed a real soft spot for the 90’s power shoulder and strong silhouettes! Also the return of the 60’s mod is something I can’t wait to see filter down to retail stores.
What do you think is a trend that is timeless?
I think trends definitely cycle and come back, but do I think they’re timeless, no. I think singular pieces like a black blazer or simple brogues, those classic pieces every girl has are definitely timeless.
What is a trend that you wish would go away?
Harem pants. Not. A. Fan.
Where do you find inspiration?
Sometimes you just get an idea pop up in your head randomly, sometimes I’ll be reading a book and think how beautifully a certain scene might translate into an editorial. Most of the time you get inspiration and ideas from the most random things. The way the light looks at a certain time of the day, a song, the style of a woman walking down the street, the list is really endless.

Thank you again for the great interview! Make sure to go and check out Lovage!