by conwaycourtney

Hello again! Last weeks Favorite Pins of the Week did pretty well, so I think i’m gonna stick with it! I’m playing with some different layouts as well to see which one I like best! Outfit posts will be coming soon, as promised. Editing is in the process!! 
Enjoy xx
The first pin are these amazing cheetah print sandals. I don’t know what it is about cheetah print, I am somehow drawn to it and I only own two cheetah print items. WHAT IS THIS?
I LOVE sleek mannequins. I really want my own. Definitely on top of my wish list. This one is for accessories, but still amazing. The gold definitely adds a glamorous effect as well!
Shes wearing velvet leggings. ‘Nuff said.
All black. Red lipstick. Cream beanie. I’m obviously in love.